OC Carpet Cleaning

Wall to wall carpeting creates a lush, inviting atmosphere while still keeping a comfort level that makes a home a home. Why? Carpet fibers hold much more beyond what the naked eye sees. Depending on the traffic your carpets see, they can hold anything from dirt and sand to mites, fleas and smoke residue. It is important to go beyond just vacuuming and have OC Fresh Carpet Care professionally clean your carpets to keep the looking new and safe.

The problem with contaminants trapped in your carpet does not only involve a safety factor, in fact some can damage the fibers, reducing the life span. Dirt and sand act as sandpaper tearing away at the fibers, causing your carpets to prematurely age and wear. Professional cleaning is extremely important in homes with pets or smokers. Your pets bring in more than just dirt and mud; they also can pick up bugs, such as fleas that can lay their eggs and breed beyond what you can see.

These problems difficult to handle but they are simple solutions to use to combat, professional cleaning and proper maintenance. The experts at OC Fresh Carpet Care will survey the status of your carpet and recommend a treatment. Steam cleaning is an effective and efficient way to deep clean and sanitize carpets. OC Fresh Carpet Care uses a truck mount system whenever possible. The truck mount system uses a hot water extraction method. This method allows for more water control and a deeper clean. The benefits of a truck mount system versus a common hand held are many. The tuck mount system uses only non-toxic detergents. The hot water will permeate the carpet fibers, cleaning and sanitizing. The extraction method will then vacuum the water containing all the contaminants and foreign objects and fill a tank on the truck, which OC Fresh Carpet Care will dispose of according to the Environmental Protection Agency regulations.  This will result in a carpet that is fresh, clean and looking near new.

So, how often should you have your carpets professionally cleaned? Many professionals, including carpet manufacturers recommend no less than once every year.  This recommendation does not include families with young children, pets or smokers. Each of these added factors should increase the frequency of expert cleaning.

Be sure to vacuum weekly. This will pick up many foreign objects before they fall beyond the surface and begin to tear at the carpet fibers. Using easy maintenance and OC Fresh Carpet Care, you will add years to your carpets.

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