OC Fire Damage Restoration

Fires are frightening and the aftermath is often even harder to deal with. When it comes to your carpets and furniture, the smoke from a fire can be just a difficult to deal with. There are different types of smoke that coinside with different types of fires. The smoke residue from a fire can permeate into carpet fibers and upholstery. These residues can sometimes be hard to see, but still carry odor and sanitation issues.

Here are some different types of smoke;

Wet smoke residue occurs when there is a low heat, smoldering fire. The residue left behind is sticky and can prove very hard to clean. This will often smear when you try to clean it or touch it.

Dry smoke residues results from a high heat, fast burning fire. The residue is dry, powdery and often does not smear. When dry smoke residue gets wet, particularly in carpets, it creates a different texture that is very hard to clean and very hard on your carpet fibers.

There are even colorless residues that carry a strong, pungent odor which wear away at paint and varnishes.

These are just a few examples of the types of smoke. Again, each fire is different and the clean up process is just as individualized. OC Fresh Carpet Care has a team of experts trained in Fire Damage Restoration. They will first access the type of damage you have and then develop a plan to clean it effectively. A thorough, professional carpet and air duct cleaning is highly recommended for any home that has suffered fire damage. Smoke, ash and even chemicals from the fire can burry themselves deep within your upholstery, carpets and area rugs. It is very important to have your air ducts cleaned because the HVAC system controls all airflow through the home and it will continue to circulate ash filled air without professional cleaning.

Odor is another lingering problem after a fire. Smoke leaves a distinct smell beyond and without proper cleaning that odor will most likely remain. It is not only discomforting but can also begin to cause damage to your upholstery and carpets.

There are many steps to take to get your home back to normal. Let OC Fresh Carpet Care help with your Fire Damage Restoration. The staff is qualified and will be sensitive to the delicate situations.

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