OC Tile & Grout Cleaning

A tiled floor can seem much easier to maintain than carpets but often with this mindset, the grout in between the tiling is left to dull and dirty. In fact, the grout can be the most important part to clean.

Grout is a mixture of sand, cement and color. This is a very absorbent, porous material that can hold more harmful things than you might be aware of.  Some of the things that grout can hold is grease, lime scale and dirt. Not only does this create a germy environment but it also dulls the color of your grout and can prematurely begin to breakdown.

OC Fresh Carpet Care provides a safe and effective solution to your tile and grout needs. Our team uses a truck mount steam system to clean your tiling. This involves extremely hot water, high water pressure and non-toxic detergents. Our truck mount system uses hot water extraction so it does not compromise the integrity of your grout. Sometime when a vacuum system is used pieces of cement can come out with dirt, leaving your grout with small holes and unsteady.

The truck mount system uses water about 240 degrees Fahrenheit with water pressure between 1,000 and 1,200 psi. Mixed with our solvent-free detergents the hot water permeates deep within the grout cleaning and extracting all unwanted materials. The dirty water extracted from the grout is safely handled. While cleaning, our equipment connects to a tube in which the water runs through. This water fills a sealed safe tank. We then dispose of it according to all Environmental Protection Agency guidelines. This method leaves your tile and grout with a nearly new look. Most tile and grout cleans by OC Fresh Carpet Care results in an 85 to 95 percent like new appearance.

There are a few items that can permanently stain your grout including red wine and mustard. OC Fresh Carpet Care offers a pigment penetrative seal that will help remove these stains. We also recommend this seal for all grout. After a professional clean this seal is applied. It is a latex, topcoat seal that repels stains and allows for cleanup before a stain can occur. This will not only be less cleaning time for your but it adds to the overall look and sanitation of your flooring.

Call OC Fresh Carpet Care at (714) 369-8776 to schedule your next tile and grout cleaning. Also ask about the time and money saving pigment penetrative seal.